Alloy Wheel Refinishing

Alloy Wheel Refinishing Services

Our alloy wheel refinishing service will buff out any scratches, and restore your wheel to like-new condition.

We work with dealerships and vehicle owners to restore scratched or discolored wheels to a like-new condition. Whether your wheel has been scratched, corroded, or simply taken damage from our Minnesota winters, we can help. 

Our wheel refinishing process includes a few steps:

  1. Inspection: We’ll figure out what all needs to be done to restore your wheel.
  2. Finish Stripping: Old finishes will be stripped from the wheel, bringing it back to its aluminum alloy state.
  3. Painting: A primer and clear coat will be applied to increase shine and durability
  4. Curing: The rims are properly cured.
  5. Polishing: If a polish is required for your alloy wheel, we’ll be sure to make it shine. 

When we’ve completed our alloy wheel refinishing process, we’ll give it an extra look to make sure it meets our expectations.