Alloy Wheel Services

As the #1 Trusted Vendor for Auto Dealerships in Minnesota, we aim to offer the most complete array of alloy wheel services possible, allowing dealerships and vehicle owners to rest assured they can turn to Majestic Eagle for all their alloy wheel needs.


We specialize in:

Flat bead or standard wheels
Chrome beaded Wheels
Polished or painted wheels
Curb scrapes & scratches
Black Out Wheels, Silver to Black
Straightening bent wheels


We follow a general process for each alloy wheel service:

  1. Inspection: We start with a detailed inspection to highlight any issues and create a plan of action.
  2. Straightening: We use state of the art equipment to properly straighten your rim.
  3. Welding: If any welding is needed to repair small cracks, we’ll handle it.
  4. Refinishing: This includes chemical stripping, painting, color matching, curing, and polishing to create a slick, like-new appearance. 
  5. Examination: We take a final look at every wheel to make sure the job was done right. 


Alloy Wheel Repair Twin Cities

Alloy Wheel Repair Services

We offer full-service alloy wheel repair to fix any potential issues with your wheel or rim. We’ll repair your wheel back to its OEM specifications, manually recreating the same procedures as the OEM manufacturer to provide the safest and most reliable wheel repair possible.  Commercial aluminum alloys are built to be durable, but they’re not resistant to damage. When you’re in need of a repair, we follow a consistent process to ensure results. We start with an inspection to get a full understanding of the damage, and make sure the wheel is actually repairable. If your wheel is too damaged for repairs, we’ll help direct you to an optimal replacement. We’ll then straighten the rim as necessary. Our state-of-the-art equipment offers safe and precise straightening. Welding will be done for any repairable cracks. We’ll finish your alloy wheel repair by stripping, painting, and polishing your wheel to give it a like-new shine. We’re experienced handling repairs of flat bead, chrome beaded, or standard wheels, and handle every step of the repair process.

Alloy Wheel Repair Twin Cities

Wheel Refinishing

Our alloy wheel refinishing service will buff out any scratches, and restore your wheel to like-new condition. We work with dealerships and vehicle owners to restore scratched or discolored wheels to a like-new condition. Whether your wheel has been scratched, corroded, or simply taken damage from our Minnesota winters, we can help. 

Our wheel refinishing process includes a few steps:

  1. Inspection: We’ll figure out what all needs to be done to restore your wheel.
  2. Finish Stripping: Old finishes will be stripped from the wheel, bringing it back to its aluminum alloy state.
  3. Painting: A primer and clear coat will be applied to increase shine and durability
  4. Curing: The rims are properly cured.
  5. Polishing: If a polish is required for your alloy wheel, we’ll be sure to make it shine. 

When we’ve completed our alloy wheel refinishing process, we’ll give it an extra look to make sure it meets our expectations.

Alloy Wheel Repair Twin Cities

Alloy Wheel Painting Services

Our alloy wheel painting service will add some extra life to your wheels with a new OEM-approved paint.

If you’re looking to change the color of your wheels, we’ll take care of it. We’ll start with inspecting the current state of the wheel to see how much refinishing could be needed. The wheel will then be clean as necessary, before finally adding custom paint or a powder coat to improve the look. 

After the recolor is complete, we’ll take an extra look at your wheel to ensure it meets our rigorous expectations for our work. 

If you have a specialty wheel color in mind, let us know by requesting a quote and we’ll let you know how to safely proceed.

Alloy Wheel Repair Twin Cities

Wheel Straightening

Our alloy wheel straightening service will straighten your rims and get them back to performing like new.

A bent rim can cause serious issues with your steering and suspension, as well as cause issues maintaining air pressure. If you need rim straightening, it’s recommended to get it done by an expert right away. 

Majestic Eagle offers expert alloy wheel rim straightening to dealerships and vehicle owners, utilizing state of the art technology to properly balance out the rim. Straightening is a less expensive alternative to complete rim replacement, and when done properly will perform just as well as a new rim. 

Alloy wheels with low profile tires are plenty susceptible to damage from debris, potholes, and accidents, but we’ve successfully straightened thousands of alloy wheels in Minnesota. If you’re in need of a wheel straightening, give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help.